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Digital Planner Creation Mini-Course

As soon as I discovered digital planners and all the other amazing digital products available I was hooked! I dove right in learned all I could and it definitely helped that I had already been blogging for about 2 years so I knew many programs that would help. So I decided to create a digital planner creation mini-course to walk you through the basic steps of creating a digital planner. I took what I have learned from blogging and what I have learned about digital planning and created this mini-course for you!

Instead of watching 50 different YouTube videos trying to learn everything to create a digital planner you could learn it all in one convenient spot! I wanted to make a mini-course that would help you with the fundamental basic steps you need to get your digital planner up and running quickly!

I plan to add more details and cover digital planner creation more in-depth with a bigger course later on but if you are just looking for the basics then this mini-course is perfect for you!

Digital Planner Creation Mini-Course - Consistently Procrastinating

What is a digital planner?

First, let’s make sure we are all on the same page. A digital planner, journal, notebook, agenda, calendar, etc. is a PDF that you upload into an app or program that will allow you to edit the PDF.

This allows the PDF to be treated just like a physical planner but it is in digital form.

Why use a digital planner?

You may be wondering why not just use a regular planner or bullet journal? Well, here is a post all about why digital products are so awesome.

But let’s go over the main points real quick!

  • Convenient
  • Easy to edit
  • Portable
  • Endless Choices
  • Less Expensive
  • Better for the Environment


To me digital is much more convenient. I don’t like to have papers laying all over the place or trying to keep track of where I put that one sticky note with the important phone number on it.

Long ago, I had started really utilizing my Notes App on my iPhone. I have it all broke down into different categories and then I can easily delete what note I no longer need.

So after being in the habit of having everything already on my phone, it was a no brainer when I found the option to still be able to use a planner, notebook, or bullet journal digitally too!

Easy to Edit

I have horrible handwriting and I’m a perfectionist, not a good combo. I will rewrite a whole note just by messing up once. Or I just find myself rewriting the list over and over because I don’t like all the scratched out marks on my list when tasks are completed.

Writing things out, erasing, changing colors, or even typing can all be adjusted and changed easily!

No more wasting paper and time rewriting everything!

I also love the option to move something you have already written. If I end up writing something just a little off center, I can easily fix that too with the lasso tool!


Yes, I know a physical planner is also portable. However, you will very seldom (probably never) leave the house without your phone. But you could easily run out of the door and forget your planner.

Then the planners I like to use, so I can see what my sloppy big handwriting says, are huge. They don’t fit in my purse so then I am carrying around a notebook-sized planner on top of everything else we moms have to carry.

This way even if I use my iPad to do most of my planner work it still updates to the app on my phone and I can use it right from my phone when I’m not home. Or my iPad does fit in my purse if I decide to bring it.

Side note: The other bad part about carrying a planner everywhere with you in your purse is it gets all banged up because well it’s made of paper. Even if I bring my iPad with me it is in a nice case and will last a lot longer than paper.

Endless Choices

There are literally endless choices you can do with your digital planner.

First, you can customize your own planner so it can link to any website you want or have the tabs link to any page you want.

Then you can add pictures with a few clicks, add stickers, charts, habit trackers, easily copy and paste things you have already written, etc.! Plus will all the amazing programs available you can create all sorts of fun things to add to your planner than you would have to hand draw, print, or pay for to add to your physical journal that will again just get torn up.

Less Expensive

Besides the expensive phone or tablet you are using (which I’m pretty sure you didn’t buy just to use as a digital planner anyways) it is less expensive than a physical planner.

Every year you have to buy a new physical planner. You can’t go through and erase a whole years with of work and start over. Plus, the dates would be all wrong.

With creating your own (or even purchasing one) you can use it as many times as you want! As long as it isn’t dated.

There are plenty of beautiful blank planners out there that you can purchase one time and reuse every year! Or again you could create your own and have it completely customized for you!

Also, you don’t have to buy expensive pens, pencils, markers, stickers, or tape. If you chose to purchase any of those digitally then it is a one time purchase and you can reuse those over and over. Or once more, you could create your own!

But if you were to buy stickers for your physical planner you can only use those once.

Better for the Environment

Overall I think you can see that there is definitely less paper wasted with this digital method!

How to use a digital planner

Now that you know how awesome they are let me show you real quick some of the fun things you can do with a digital planner!

This is a quick video walk through to just give you a glimpse at some of the fun editing options you can do with your digital planner. For a full walk through of the GoodNotes app that I am using in this video you can go here!

In that video I am using one of the planners I got from GoodNotes Goods Co. I like to get as much bang for my buck as I can and they have a deal where you pay a one time fee per year and get unlimited downloads with new products added every month!

If you want to give it a try for yourself first then here is a notebook you can have for free to test out! (Don’t worry they told me I could give it to you for free ☺️)

So besides purchasing a digital planner your other option of course is to create your own!

Create Your Own Digital Planner

My mini course will help walk you through exactly how to do just that. I love to create my own planners because then I get to make each page exactly how I want it to be. Everyone is different and everyone has different styles and ways that work best for them.

Digital Planner Creation Mini Course - Consistently Procrastinating

The way someone else creates their digital planner may not be the way that works best for you.

Maybe you like to have a landscape layout, or maybe you like more charts and graphs and less calendar pages, or maybe you prefer to have bright fun colors and all the planners you find are boring.

That is the beauty of creating your own! It is literally created just for you (by you)!

Whats in the course?

Enjoy another video with a walkthrough of what is included in the mini-course!

What’s included in the mini-course

  • Walkthrough of the basics of creating a digital planner
  • The different styles and types of digital planners
  • How to design your digital planner
  • How to add hyperlinks to your digital planner
  • Which apps are best to use for your digital planner

Sign Me Up!

Right now there is an early bird special that won’t last long but it is set as a price you can’t pass up, $5! Yep that’s all just $5 and you will learn how to create your own digital planners! Sign up now before the launch date of September 30th, 2019 to get that early bird special price!




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