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Businesses Consistently Procrastinate Their Bookkeeping!
There is so much to do to run a business that owners will more often than not put off doing their businesses bookkeeping. Even though keeping the businesses finances organized is a major part of running a business. It still gets pushed to the end of the month, the end of the quarter, and then eventually the end of the year.

Then it’s tax season and they are way behind on their books!

I'm a Business Owner

You, as a business owner, are legally obligated to keep your business finances in order. When you file your taxes saying you made a certain amount, spent a certain amount, and/or paid someone a certain amount, the government wants proof. Keeping records of all of your transactions within your business can be overwhelming but I’m here to help you!

I want to help Business Owners

Helping business owners keep their finances and paperwork in order is a very rewarding job! There are so many business owners out there that need help! When you sign up to help them, you give them back their freedom! Many feel buried in the paperwork and transactions but if you’re like me and you love to organize then you can be their hero! And get paid to do it!

So whether you are a business owner looking for help organizing your business or you think helping a business owner get their finances is order sounds like a job for you, your’re in the right spot!

Because the best way to organize your business’s finances is to HIRE A BOOKKEEPER! And if that sounds like a job for you then BECOME A VITUAL BOOKKEEPER!

Become a Bookkeeper

How to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper!

I personally work part time as a vitual bookkeeper and I make what I made working full time outside the home. As you know I love to organize and plan, sometimes to a fault. But this trait has served me well when it comes to bringing an income in for our family.

Anyone can become a bookkeeper but to get a business owner to trust you with their finances I highly recommend you become a certified bookkeeper like I did. I took this amazing course and it set me up for success!


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